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Chef Jay: Philosophical Erudite and Culinary Culturist...

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To call him "Chef Jay" is to understate the man you will meet. When he speaks it is quite clear, he is so much more than a brilliant culinarian or a charismatic Chef. "He really is Genius", proclaims Dr. Felton Best, Chair of the Philosophy department at CCSU and Distinguished Professor. Lillard Royal Lewis Jr., also known as Chef Jay, has become a powerful voice in the field of social justice philosophy, sustainability and the gastro-ethics of hunger and nutritional disparity. You should connect with him. Purchase his new cookbook, Delicious in the Diaspora: The Ethnobotanical, Spiritual and Culinary Heritage of the African Diaspora. Purchase an exclusive membership and follow the social media movement of what has been described by many as a revolution of thought!

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