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مرحبا بك في لذيذ في الشتات. 

تتمحور المبادرة العالمية لجمع التبرعات حول ثقافة الشتات الأفريقي!

Delicious in the Diaspora:

The CookBook with a Global Purpose

What is this project attempting to accomplish

The global initiative set forth by businessman and philanthropist Chef Jay Lewis is an ambitious one - "Feed, Heal, Nourish and Educate". The Delicious in the Diaspora CookBook is the flagship vehicle to supporting a wide variety of causes and initiatives.

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Expand the Understanding

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Go Greener

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Promote the UN SDG's

The African Diaspora is HUGE and this book intends to show just that!

In this first volume of the cook book series, Chef Jay does substantial work to connect for the readers the east and west oriented African Diaspora!

Discover the Flavorful and Sustainable benefits of
Plant Based Eating

In the first chapter, discover Chef Jay's personal recipes for plant based alternatives to staple items such as butter, milk, cheese, sour cream, etc. He even gives us a recipe for a delicious and effective natural toothpaste...and a natural tooth brush! This cookbook series certainly understands the social and ecological benefit to going greener from a culinary and philosophical point of view.

The United Nations SDG's are a Vital Part of the Global Fight for a Sustainable Future.

The United Nations SDG's play a critical role in the global coordination of sensible, timely and vital idea's, all aimed at one overarching ideal - sustainability! The Delicious in the Diaspora global initiative seeks to educate as we feed people - delight the senses and promote healthy eating habits.

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