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Saffron & Thyme Lemonade on a cool evening

Try this on a moderately cool evening. Lemonade infused with fresh thyme and a few strands of saffron for a warming yet refreshing evening drink. The sweet can come from monk fruit sugar but if that is scarce, you may or course use raw sugar too! I only add about 2-3 threads of saffron per glass, which for me is about 12 oz. The lemons are Meyer lemons as they are smaller, sweeter, less bitter and more colorful in my opinion.

I try not to add too much sugar, maybe a teaspoon of raw sugar. The thyme must be clean and in pristine condition for this. You may crush up a few thyme leaves to put it into the drink, however what is cool about this drink is that the thyme sprig is used to stir the drink.

You can also try to add different herbs into the mix to flex the flavors a bit. We think mint would be a great choice but also, try Thai basil and tarragon! This would be such a break from tradition and a magnificent looking beverage!

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