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Good Morning Hungry People!!.....Avocado Toast!

Good morning hungry people, what's for breakfast?!? There is something so important about the morning and that first meal - that first bite of food can set the tone for the entire day! I choose carbs and/or fats such as sweet potato toast or avocado. Here we see as delicious piece of avocado toast sprinkled with delicate shavings of parmesan cheese, red pepper and smoked paprika.

I like to keep the avocado simple. Mash up a ripe one and to it add a half table spoon of olive oil or sesame oil. Add a bit if sea salt and a small spritz of from lemon and fresh lime juice. That's it!

The toast can also be simple. Grilled of toasted, with a light spreading of almond butter for minerals and vitamins. the design is super cool but easy with the outer edge of the toast being lined with avocado. Shake some parmesan and paprika around so it looks even better! To the center, you could add crumbled tofu or even shredded turkey!

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