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Delicious in the Diaspora: An Invite to Join the Philosophy of Veganism Discussion

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Delicious in the Diaspora or "DITD", is about the culinary, spiritual and ethnobotanical cultural heritage of Africa as it has evolved, adapted and integrated in all directions over thousands of years! Certainly, the evolution of what is now called veganism has been heavily and undeniably influenced by African heritage, ingredients, metaphysical concepts and of course, flavors!

Chef Jay, our Chef in Residence, has written and lectured extensively in the field of philosophy and the economies of plant based ethics. He speaks often of the beautiful ways in which we as the children of Africa have contributed to the global push toward plant based eating and what the future holds for an African economy that will be pivotal in the global imperative to feed the next century of human activity. Specifically, his writings on the philosophy of veganism and how the modern western way of thinking is ultimately unsustainable come into focus when considering the global implications of what he calls the "faux morality and ethical short-sightedness of the philosophy of non-brutality".

Over the next few weeks will take you and all of our readers on a journey of "veganism" in the African Diaspora. We will talk to global leader as well as local people and bring you closer to the ground where crops are planted and living wages are uprooted - where the need for plant based solutions collide with traditions and heritage, and perhaps where they do not. The journey will be truly global with guests speakers, bloggers, photographers and influencer from Brooklyn to Bangladesh!

For now, please click the link below to become a member for FREE and sign up for our recipes, blog blasts, newsletters and live global forums!! This website, the upcoming cookbook, the blogs and live global forums and social media posts are all designed to uplift and inform our readers and members. The great part is...YOU CAN JOIN AND POST YOUR RECIPES AND TIPS TOO!! Please join us and add your voice!

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