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Dad and Daughter Valentine's Day Tips!

So you have a wonderful woman in your life. She is pretty, intelligent, makes you laugh, cares for you deeply and will be by your side long into your golden years of old age...ISN'T IT GREAT TO HAVE A DAUGHTER??!!!! Let's have some good daddy/daughter time this year for Valentine's day! Because being Delicious in the Diaspora also means being a DAD IN THE DIASPORA!

If you do have a daughter, grand daughter, niece, etc. a good valentine's day gift or experience from you could set the standard for years to come and create some great memories. Now of course, you should not neglect your sons, nephews, grand sons, etc. They need love and special attention to. So if you have boys, there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving them a valentine's day gift, telling them you love them and treating them special on the day as well. It doesn't have to be expensive or crazy over the top. It could be as simple as having a delicious one on one breakfast or even a dinner. You really can't go wrong here so long as you spend the time sincerely and devote your attention to her. Let's start with a breakfast!

Quiche is always good in my house. I make a huge 12 egg quiche with peppers, onions, cheese and spinach. I add 1/3 cup heavy cream to ensure the quiche comes out fluffy and flavorful. Crack the eggs, dice up you peppers and onions, add some shredded cheese, chopped fresh spinach and heavy cream to a large mixing bowl for a thorough whisking. After all is blended well, pour into a adequately sized deep baking dish and cook on 325 degrees until the center in cooked through. This usually takes about 45 to an hour but please use your judgement. Get your daughter to help!

Make eye contact when you speak to your children. Let them know you see, love and respect their presence.

She can add the cheese to the bowl, set the timers and temperature on the oven, she can whisk if she is old enough, etc. The point is to get her involved and perhaps even taking a lead role. Don't forget to get a nice card for her too!

You may also want to try cheese quesadilla's for dinner and crispy baked broccoli. Really simple, get yourself some large flour tortillas, blended shredded cheese of your choosing, butter for the pan, onions and peppers if you like. Kids love these and they are easy to create and wonderful as a bonding project. Generously butter a large frying pan which should be at a medium heat. Once the butter is melted, lay down one tortilla and you and your child pack on the cheese, peppers and onions as you please. For a bit of extra flavor, you could shake on some smoked paprika, add some fresh basil leaves or perhaps some fresh dill for a warming aromatic - totally up to you and your taste buds. Place the other tortilla on top and wait the cheese to melt a bit before flipping and browning both sides! For the crispy broccoli, preheat oven to 425 degrees and toss some broccoli crowns in a large mixing bowl with olive oil, melted butter, salt and pepper. Simple and kids love it! You could replace the olive oil with Truffle oil as our Chef in Residence, Chef Jay, does for his family. Toss the broccoli around in the spices and oils until well coated and then place on a non-stick baking sheet and bake a 425 for 25 minutes. They should be nice and crispy on he edges and ready for eating immediately!

Chef Jay says one of his favorite things to do is get dressed up and go for a walk, even if it is just around the neighborhood. There is something so perfect about a good walk and talk, even if there is very little talking happening. "Sometimes, all you have to do a walk next to them while they think", he says. "If they have a question, they will ask when the time is right. Until then be present and lead by example".

There are so many things that you can do. It doesn't all have to be in the kitchen. Spend some time with a good book or perhaps a movie. We've even seen people surprise their kids at school with gifts or get dressed up in a suit and tie to get their daughters off of the school bus. Dad's sitting down doing hair and getting makeup put on their faces. Go do something cool - throw the football with your daughter, have tea and croissants with your son. Delicious in the Diaspora is also about being a DAD IN THE DIASPORA! There are so many ways to show your child that she/he is special as only a dad can. Don't be afraid to make the effort, trust us - it matters.

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