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١٥ يناير ٢٠٢٢ - ٣٠ يناير ٢٠٢٢

Delicious in the Diaspora: Roots of Africa Cleanse

  • 16يومًا
  • 36خطوة
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Let's get in touch with our roots...literally! In this Delicious in the Diaspora new year cleanse we focus on the delicious roots, fruits and veggies veggies as recommended and prepared by brilliant Chefs from all over the world! The roots of Africa run deep and wide across several oceans a seas. The fruits, roots and vegetables have been supplanted and replanted in dozens of nations and on nearly every continent. Not only this, but the techniques for growing them, traditional recipes, institutional and homeopathic medicinal knowledge have also been widely utilized for thousands of years beyond the shores of Africa herself. Before the program begins we will send out a grocery list complete with online links and information about how to purchase some of the more exotic foods so that we may all begin with our shelves fully stocked! The goal, it to cleanse the body of gastro-villians that make us feel bloated, uncomfortable or slow down the agni(digestion). We will accomplish this with a invigorating program built on buying small, preparing fresh, cooking often and meditation! Each day we begin with a quick meditation, an internal check-in, a personal gastro-goal and a shopping list. This is part of the Delicious in the Diaspora digital suite of African and African Diaspora products and services included in most of our memberships!

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